Licence BetVisa India

BetVisa is a licensed casino that operates legally in India.

Excluded areas

BetVisa, which runs a betting company and an online casino, operates under a license issued by the Curacao Gambling Commission. This document allows the company to organize casino gambling and sports betting in dozens of countries where the jurisdiction of the Netherlands Antilles is recognized. The only exceptions are a few countries, such as the Netherlands, Curacao, Australia, France and the Dutch West Indies.

If a company is found to be operating in these or other prohibited countries, the user may report the violation to the Curacao Gaming Commission. An investigation will be conducted based on the violation. However, before sending a letter to the Gambling Commission Help Desk, the user must make sure that the company is not operating in a prohibited country under another license issued in a third jurisdiction.

BetVisa can't operate everywhere under the Curacao jurisdiction.

Relinquishment of brand ownership

The Curaçao Gambling Commission is a not-for-profit organization that does not own any of the licensed brands. Our sole function is to screen applicants for a license, analyze them, and determine their level of compliance with the requirements for granting a license. We have no financial or other interest in working directly with these brands, we do not participate in any decisions made by them and, accordingly, we are not responsible for them.

We do not own the rights to the brand, we are not shareholders and have no influence on the management policy in any way. Therefore, possible violations on the part of the project administration remain in its area of responsibility.

Curacao Commission does not own the BetVisa brand.

Print verification system

The design of the print verification system presented on this page is a digital service through which it is possible to quickly determine the working status of the company at the moment. All types of content presented in the print verification system belong to and are the intellectual property of the Curaçao Gaming Commission. These materials are subject to copyright protection laws.

The Licensed Company or other third parties may not use these materials or use them for financial gain, advertising or any other purposes at their discretion and without prior approval. These actions will be perceived as an infringement of our rights and will result in sanctions.

All the content on the BetVisa site belongs to Curacao Commission.

Logos and trademarks

All logos, trademarks, and other brand attributes, except for the brand domain name and its own logo, are the intellectual property of the Curacao Gaming Commission and are protected by copyright law.

Logos and trademarks are also the property of Curacao eGaming Commission.