Fighting fraud in BetVisa India

The BetVisa official was created as an international platform for sports betting and online casino gaming. The activities of the site and the mobile app are officially allowed on the territory of dozens of countries. Site was legalized by the Gambling Commission of Curacao, on the basis of which the project was granted a license. Under the terms of this document, as well as generally accepted rules and regulations in the gambling industry, we pay much attention to security issues and combating all kinds of fraud, including money laundering.

Gambling, including online sports betting, is regulated by international rules and regulations to which we adhere exactly. We follow the legal requirements of each country in which we operate and assist law enforcement agencies in matters related to fraud.

BetVisa fights fraud and protects your winnings.

Main principles

Any action taken by a player, which could be classified as financial fraud, will lead immediately to the temporary or permanent blocking of the user on the website. We will also be obliged to provide information about the offender to law enforcement structures so that an appropriate investigation can be carried out based on the fact of the violation.

For its part, BetVisa does everything possible to prevent and reduce the number of such violations. To this end we have implemented several rules for our projects:

  • Selective identity checks by security;
  • Limit one account per user;
  • The requirement to provide accurate personal data when registering and completing a profile;
  • Automatic verification of all payment transactions;
  • Possibility to withdraw funds to your own accounts only.

If your account has been blocked or you suspect fraudulent activity by another user, you can contact our support team.